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Clayton Simmons

Position: (Owner) Head Of Sales

Contact Number: (618) 507-9705 X:52


     Yo yo, I'm Clayton Simmons with Vector Construction. I'm an owner and the head of sales with this company, but don't take that to mean that I'm trying to sell you something! What we care about at Vector is doing things the right way and making sure that you have a defense system that will last for the next 30 - 50 years.

     I am an expert damage assessor in the field of roofing and siding and have helped well over 300 families with their projects. Got an old roof and want a new one? No problem! Have an open insurance claim? That's fine! Need some siding replaced? Sure thing! No matter your woes, I'll make sure to have a plan for you by the time I leave your property.

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